Digital marketing and a summary of 7 benefits. Market yourself smartly


Promote and market online services and products and make a profit, It is a natural consequence of rapid technological development in which the principles of traditional marketing are applied, Some consider that digital marketing is the same as electronic, but despite the great similarity between them in meaning, digital marketing remains more general and comprehensive than e-marketing

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Benefits of Digital Marketing:

First of all: Focus on potential customers who are most likely to buy your product or service

When you place an ad on TV, in a magazine, or on a billboard, A limited number of people will see it, and among this number it will reach people who are not interested in the first place,

No doubt you can measure demographics such as the typical readership of a magazine. But it remains inaccurate

While digital marketing allows you to identify and target a very specific audience with personalized marketing messages with a high reach rate, for example, Instead of using social media to show ads to a specific audience based on age, gender, place of residence, interests or platforms used

You can use strategies such as pay per click (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO) to show ads to users who have shown interest or searched for specific keywords related to your product or service

As a result, Digital marketing helps you do the necessary research to identify your customer persona and optimize your plans to ensure you reach potential customers

Secondly: The effectiveness of digital marketing is greater in terms of cost than external or traditional marketing methods

Digital marketing helps you track the performance of the marketing campaign on a daily basis, To be able to know which channels and communication platforms perform well and which are not, This is useful in adjusting your campaign budget for a high ROI.

You can’t make this exact same measurement in the traditional style of advertising, It doesn’t matter how the bulletin board works is still at the same cost.

In addition, With digital marketing, You have complete freedom to choose where to spend your budget, You can spend money on creative software to create highly converting content instead of paying for PPC campaigns, for example.

It means that a digital marketing strategy allows you to modify and adapt continuously, Ensuring no money is wasted on platforms that don’t work well

In general, Digital marketing is a cost-effective solution and ensuring that you get the most benefit for the amount paid

We will illustrate this idea through an example, If you work for a small company on a budget, Try investing in social media, blogging, or SEO. These three strategies can give you a high return and minimal spend.

digital marketing and a summary of 7 benefits. market yourself smartly 7

Thirdly: Digital marketing gets you into the playing field with the big brands in your industry and allows you to compete with them

If you work for a small business, for example, It will often be difficult for you to compete with the big brands in your field. Which has millions of dollars to invest in marketing campaigns
Fortunately, In this time, you can play with adults and compete with them using digital marketing strategies.
For example You can use long keywords to create high-quality content that ranks on search engines, Because search engines don’t care about the bigger brand, Rather, it prioritizes content that resonates best with target audiences.

Fourthly: Measurable Digital Marketing

While traditional advertising is useful for specific purposes, Its biggest weakness is measurability, This is one of the most powerful points of digital marketing, as it gives you a report from scratch of all the metrics that concern your activity, including impressions, shares, views, clicks, and time spent on the page.

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital marketing allows marketers to see accurate results in real time, If you have already placed an ad in a newspaper, You’ll realize how difficult it is to estimate how many people have read or paid attention to that page. There is no sure way to know if this ad is responsible for any sales.

On the other hand With digital marketing, You can measure your ROI for any aspect of your marketing plans

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Fifthly: Location Traffic

Using digital marketing, You can see the exact number of people who viewed your website’s homepage using digital analytics software like HubSpot.

You can also see how many pages were visited, the type of device used, and their location, By analyzing other numerical data

This information helps you identify marketing channels and platforms where more or less time is being spent. Depending on how many people these channels or platforms direct to your website, To illustrate the idea: If only 10% of the traffic comes from searches, You need SEO to increase this percentage

In traditional marketing, It’s hard to know how people interact with your business before you buy.

As for digital marketing, You can identify people’s attitudes and behavior before they reach the final stage of the buying journey. Which means you can take steps to attract them more, This allows you to see how people search for and buy your product. Which helps you make better decisions about any stage of the marketing plan that requires more effort and improvement

Sixthly: Adapting and changing your digital marketing strategy is done easily

By constantly being aware of the latest digital marketing methods and striving to improve content and modify the strategy, Taking advantage of what we mentioned in the previous paragraph

Seventhly: You can engage your target audience at every stage of digital marketing

Encourage your audience to share and interact with your content by asking for their ideas and opinions or giving feedback about your activity and work

The best marketing is through satisfied customers with you, your service and your products, The happy customer becomes a loyal customer and guides others to you and this is the strongest marketing method

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Digital Marketing Objectives

Increase the percentage of sales.

Maintain existing customers.

Attract potential and new customers.

Sell new products.

Increase the percentage of site visits.

To delve deeper into the marketing goals in general and digital in particular, we advise you to check out the marketing book for everyone

The most important digital marketing methods

1_ Search Engine Optimization

To increase traffic to your site and show it on the first pages, 61% of marketers find SEO the key to online success

2_ Mobile phone marketing

The idea here is to reach the target audience using multiple channels, Through the applications we use or via text messages. 66.6% of the world’s population uses mobile devices

3_ Content Marketing:

The focus is on creating content that is useful and valuable to the target audience to push them to take a profitable action, In addition to introducing the company’s identity and brand

4_ Social media marketing

79% of customers are affected by making a purchase decision through the content they are exposed to on social media, This is the most common way to introduce your products and services

5_ Email Marketing

Business messages are sent to potential customers that include product or advertising

More than 70% of customers prefer email as a means of communication

6_ Search Engine Marketing

Ensure your visibility in search engines is high through paid ads

Inbound Marketing

An important part of the digital marketing plan is a relatively recent term that refers to marketing products or services through (podcasts, blogs, videos, brochures, messages, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing and others…) The focus here is on the customer and his desires and on the definition of the brand more than advertising, That is, prioritizing quality and building a relationship of trust with customers

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