Design for printing and digital design | Top 3 differences between them


It’s no secret that modern Graphic designers do a great job of creating advertising campaigns and other promotional materials, The most important characteristic of a professional designer, is that he is well aware of the difference between design for print and digital design.

What is the design for printing?

Graphic design for printing is a unique process, Its final product is often a design in digital form.

Print designs appear on print media, As:

  • Business cards.
  • Billboards.
  • Handbooks.
  • Newspapers.

Just like digital designs, The goal of print design is to use visual graphics to convey a specific message to viewers.

The design is likely to be done on a computer, It is then printed on a material, As: Paper, cardboard, plastic, ceramic, and so on.

What is Digital Design?

Any presentation or design developed and displayed on a digital platform, At present, Digital designs are widely used.

This design has been developed specifically for use on digital platforms, Digital design includes graphics on social media, graphics on websites, and graphics for email.

Digital graphic design works may get the most spotlight, But this does not mean that the print design is outdated, There are many types of print design that are still a necessary part of the design field.

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What is the difference between design for print and digital design?

Design for print and digital design are similar in many ways, share the common goal of communicating with the target audience, The basic principles of design apply to both print and digital media.

However, Creating print designs differs from digital designs in several key points, The main ones include:

1. Accuracy and experience

Print designers need to be experts at work, And make sure that the final product is perfectly perfect for pixels, This is different from digital design work because with digital design, Any errors will have minimal correction costs and can be easily fixed.

2- Color (the type of color to be used for the design)

It is the most common color mode used by graphic designers, RGB and CYMK.

Colors printed on a piece of paper are displayed very differently than displayed on the screen because they include different color spaces, So CMYK is preferred for printing and RGB for the web.

The difference in color mode is the most important difference between print design and digital design.

3. Accessibility and ease of use

While those working in digital design care well about accessibility and ease of use, Print designers aren’t always preoccupied with these things.

The reason for this is that the screens are often much smaller than printed manuscripts, Which means that text and other elements are already harder to read and see.

In addition, screen brightness and clarity decreases text visibility for visually impaired users.

Consider the impact of color contrast, text size, and layout design on how users view and interact with your design.

Which is better printing designs, As a quint or a desire?

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It is preferable to use CMYK to design any project that will be actually printed, It will not be displayed on the screen.

That is, CMYK is ideal for designs that will be printed, As: handbooks flyers, business cards, etc.

If you need to recreate your design with ink or paint, CMYK color mode will give you more accurate results.

If the final destination of your design project is a digital screen, It is preferable to use the RGB color mode.

RGB is preferred in the case of a digital design to be displayed on the screen, As: Computer, TV, tablet, smartphone or any other screen.

What distinguishes professional printing companies?

Choosing the right color mode for your design projects is crucial because it directly affects how your final design looks.

If you’re designing an image to be printed, CMYK is best because it allows the printer to accurately reproduce colors in your design. Which results in correct coloring.

however Unfortunately some designers resort to printing purposes using RGB; Hoping that the printed piece will appear as it is seen on the screen, But what will happen is that the colors will look more dull than expected or completely different from what he intended!

The most important feature of our company, We use CMYK to design printable images to get the most accurate design and the best quality.

You can learn more about our services through the following link

After all -Dear reader- After reviewing the difference between design for printing and digital design, I would like you to know that using the right color space ensures that the colors in your design lo



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