The difference between advertising


Many of us confuse advertising and advertising and they are used interchangeably, but the two words carry different concepts and each has different methods and goals.

We will learn about both concepts and the difference between them and what they converge by explaining each field, to learn about the difference between advertising


Advertising is defined as an industry that attracts attention and captures the attention of a group of people, For the purpose of influencing them to choose a particular product, If it is actions aimed at spreading a product or service to attract buyers or users

means transforming the recipient into a customer or consumer,

So its purpose is to find and encourage those who are likely to purchase the company’s products or services

Advertising is based on the desires and tastes of consumers to convince them to buy through any commercial form

Profit is the primary goal of any business and is achieved by increasing sales, so companies use advertising strategies to raise the percentage of sales, and to clarify the difference between advertising and advertising, we mention real examples,

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One of the most famous announcements in history

(Coffee sales) when coffee turns from a drink into a culture, Where it was not common in the fifties for workers in companies to take a break to drink coffee, But with the launch of an advertising campaign from the American Coffee Association to motivate employees to take a break in the middle of the working day to drink coffee, The campaign turned coffee into a culture that made employers take administrative measures to give employees time for coffee despite the simplicity of the campaign

Kit Kat, the famous Kit Kat company, after its sales declined, launched an advertisement with its song familiar to us (Khdlak Break Khdlak Kate. Have a Break Have a Kit Kat is a simple concept used by the company to associate the break with its product

Ads include:

  • Commercial or television commercials.
  • Radio Commercials
  • Listing ads in newspapers
  • Internet Advertising
  • Advertising in public places (billboards, buses, Transportation….)
  • POS ads, brand, and free samples

Advertising communication is achieved through six elements:

attract attention, Influence on cognition, Creating a response, Influencing post-purchase behavior, Dealing with customers, Dealing with Merchants

And the first stages are what you go through when you buy something

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Publicity: It is the most influential means of the collective consciousness of the masses to make them believe or reject an idea, Their purpose is to influence public opinion and change its perception of events, products and people, By informing the target audience and convincing and provoking them to respond in the way the advertiser intends this meaning explains the difference between advertising

Advertising is divided into

White advertising: It depends on spreading the correct news about the thing to be promoted.

Black propaganda: It depends on spreading rumors and lies in order to destabilize the position of their competitor where they are anonymous

Modern propaganda uses psychology and communication techniques, manipulating emotions at the expense of mental trial.

This is done using different methods on an emotional, emotional or intellectual level, The positives are presented in a partial and completely biased way, While avoiding or hiding its negatives and trying to build a certain level of empathy for the target audience by repeating propaganda actions that penetrate the mind of the recipient with the use of exaggeration

What do we mean by permanent repetition?

Cinema and popcorn (popcorn)

From the historical incidents in the propaganda we mention this event, Where a researcher in cooperation with a company conducted an experiment on a group of people watching a movie in a movie theater without their knowledge of the experience,

Where he was aware that the film industry is displaying 24 images to form a second (meaning every 24 images form a second of the scene), so the researcher intended to display a picture on which all the popcorn was written once every 23 pictures without anyone’s attention, and after the end of the show, the sales of popcorn jumped dramatically without the awareness of the audience.

Propaganda works to dig convictions in the subconscious mind of people, and then comes the stage of convincing the public of the need to adopt a certain position or adhere to a certain belief.

Most likely, you will turn the recipient of the advertisement into a source of it, We publish news about it or an invitation to buy or use the thing that advertising invites like your advice to someone to try an application or buy from a store what you see well or follow the opinion of so and so of the people this is the difference between advertising

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The difference between advertising

The difference between advertising and advertising if that

Advertising campaigns work to make a good or service known to the target audience

To attract the greatest amount of attention, profit and competitive position in the market.

Its purpose is marketing

It is mainly related to trade

Advertising is one of the four elements of marketing, so to create an advertisement you must use an advertising company that implements your ad to market your products and make the profit you seek for a fee.

advertising reverse advertising, It is an act with a greater ideological intention whether it is looking for profit or not.


Propaganda depends on your stupidity, according to the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Baumann

It is based on the dissemination of ideas and opinions

aimed at achieving a certain degree of persuasion of individuals,

You can make an advertisement for a product or service for free just by talking about it and convincing someone of it without paying any amount for this advertisement

It is not necessary to get a deal directly from advertising, it is not about trade, but rather about politics, religion or society

This is the essence of the difference between advertising, you can browse an article published by the topic in detail

How is advertising similar to advertising in marketing?

Advertising converges and tends to the same behavior in certain cases, Both mechanisms take into account people’s opinions or tastes when creating campaigns.

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