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Companies and organizations spend a lot of money and effort to improve their reputation and mental image and to enhance the brand, With the aim of influencing public opinion and spreading its message while making sure to communicate emotionally with the target audience.

Companies and organizations spend a lot of money and effort to improve their reputation and mental image and to enhance the brand, With the aim of influencing public opinion and spreading its message while making sure to communicate emotionally with the target audience.

The importance of corporate reputation is due to increasing the market value and enhancing profits for the organization or company.

Therefore, commercial identity is considered one of the most important elements of the success or failure of any company or organization.

So it is a measure of the success of the work and the achievement of its goals

In the following example, I will show the importance of corporate reputation in judging the success of a company or organization

In 1932 the LEGO Company was launched as a small carpentry dealer in Denmark. to design children’s toys from wood, Then it quickly developed in production and marketing based on its strong desire to develop children’s talents and encourage them to be creative.

It adopted the slogan “Our games make children smarter”, then made a professional game in the year 1955, which ranked it the best in Europe. The company’s creativity continued to develop the child’s ability to innovate and increase his mental faculties, until the time when its products became a major part of the educational process for children in more

Brand definition

To build and maintain the reputation of the company or organization, You have to realize several things, the most important of which are: brand, الرأي العام، And the map of public relations and its quality.

In this article, we will come to detail the concept of trademark. Which is the direct communication factor between the company and its customers,

It is by definition a specific form or sign used by the organization in order to distinguish its products or services from those of competitors. It makes it easier for the consumer to identify its products and services,

So it is an asset of the company and the true expression of its identity and position in the market among competitors. It plays a major role in gaining an organization or company a good or bad reputation. The distinguishing features of any organization, whether commercial or service

العلامة التجارية 2

Brand functions

  1. Showing the personality of the manufacturer to the buyer by putting his mark on his products, Where the trademark is not only a symbol indicating the personal skill of the maker, Rather, it becomes a symbol of the whole project
  2. Characteristics of products, services, and goods are distinguished in terms of type, guarantee, method of preparation, elements included in their composition, or rank, and rank here means the degree of quality and perfection. Or whatever that would create confidence in products and goods.
  3. It is a way to advertise products and services, Through advertising and publicity, the business owner can reach the minds of consumers.
  4. It is considered a means of legitimate competition between companies and individuals

I will illustrate the above with this example

When Nestle was launched

Global Foods in the market has chosen a brand that is related to its field of work, which makes it easy to remember for customers. The word Nestle

It goes back to the name of its founder (Henri `Nestle)

It means nest in German, so Henry invented the design of the nest, with birds feeding from the mother inside, to indicate the company’s field of work, which is grain production. Thus, he established a strong visual link between the company’s field of work and its famous brand on the one hand, and the public on the other hand. Today it is thirty-third in the world in terms of reputation.

So the more the brand is accepted by consumers while providing excellent service associated in the minds of customers with this brand, the greater customer satisfaction, Wikipedia explains more about that.

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Brand forms

Words: It is the most famous and widespread, such as the Ford sign. Pepsi

Letters: Like (BMW) for German cars

Numbers: such as 555

Drawings: such as `Nestle’ drawing of the nest and birds

Colors: such as the four colors yellow, green, orange and blue for Microsoft

Images: such as choosing the ball and yellow wolf image for Mozilla Firefox

Phrases: Like choosing fast food restaurants (McDonald’s) Slogan (I’m loving it)

Symbols: such as choosing the star symbol for the famous German car company Mercedes (Mercedes _Benz)

Audio cues: are as trademarked as the distinctive soundtrack of Microsoft’s operating system

olfactory cues can be used, For example, aromatic scents, as one of the strategies followed by the American international hotel chain (Hyatt place), where it broadcasts in the reception halls an aromatic signature called (Seamless).

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its elements

1_ The message and value of the brand

2_ The vision

3_ logo design

4_ Brand color

In this article, we offer tips for designing a logo and its uses. We will come to mention the rest of the brand elements in the coming articles.

How do we choose a suitable logo design?

The logo is the most important and prominent element of the brand’s visual identity. Where the logo design is chosen carefully and accurately, it reflects the company’s vision

I will give you some tips for choosing the right logo design


:Firstly: Brand awareness

The designer must understand the message that the company wants to convey to the public. So that the design is commensurate with the values and message of the brand.

:secondly: Simplicity

It is preferable that the design be simple to be easy to understand, remember and recognize.

:Third: Colors

The suitability of the colors used in the design with the personality of the brand and the type of services or products it provides is one of the things that must be taken into account, and incorporated into an elegant symmetry, Attention-grabbing and eye-catching.

Fourthly: Design suitable for different platforms

The design must be compatible with the various platforms used. like websites, social media platforms, applications for mobile and PC, and print.

Fifth: innovation

different and innovative design, It stands out from the competition and makes it easy to remember.

:Sixthly: Design test

The design can be tested by presenting it to a variety of audiences and verifying their understanding of the message to be communicated. their ability to remember the design, where the design and colors used are displayed, Then the results of the participants are analyzed,

We may make some modifications to the design or colors.

Here is an example where what we were talking about was applied:

The NERO product shown in the picture is a medicinal product whose function is to stimulate the brain and increase concentration. When working on the design of the Nero logo, the idea was based on simplicity and ease of remembering, so this distinctive design was produced with the inclusion of the first letter of the product name and purposeful and comfortable color coordination.

Dear reader, you can enjoy viewing many designs here on the Rsmat website

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Logo uses

1- Brand recognition

It is a quick and easy way to identify a brand. It also helps build brand awareness.

2- Distinguishing from competitors

Highlights the brand in the market.

3- Instilling trust and building loyalty

Provides a sense of confidence to customers, Where the logo is evidence of the quality of the products and services provided by the brand, Which increases the sense of group belonging.

4- Standardization of business identity

The same logo is used in various places such as the website, advertisements and publications. This prints it into memory.

5- Marketing and Advertising: It is included in television commercials, print ads, and brand promotional materials.

in general, The logo is an important part of the brand identity. It is an effective way to build brand awareness and make it stand out in the market.

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