good marketing… specifications and characteristics


 Mohammad Ahmed Kilany

marketing is an important element because it makes the product popular for customers who are attracted to it in large numbers, thus increasing sales, however, for the advertising campaign to be successful, there must be a goal and a good marketing strategy, and most companies in the world use marketing strategies, and of course not all companies use a  same strategy, here we realize that the strategies are multiple and some work better than the other.

There is digital marketing, content marketing, green or environmental marketing as it is called, and other types of marketing, and it is noted that 91 percent of companies use content marketing to better position themselves in the market and consider it “good marketing” for them, and on this topic we learn more about some  The most effective advertising strategies today.

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Advertising concept..

Advertising depends on human behavior, which is a source of inspiration and is a reflection of their desires and needs, and between advertising and society is a close relationship represented in sending and receiving messages and feeding each other when society searches for answers or solutions or to satisfy its desires from the simplest to the most desirable.

For example, nostalgia is currently moving the world, as many people consider that they lived it in the past better than they lived in the present time, and brands realize the importance of the past, and emotional bonds are established with consumers, because remembering is life, so how many times have I heard the phrase “I wish those days would come back”  .

for a good marketing Technology is the most important element..

In the recent past, technological advances and multimedia enabled people to influence others to participate in tasks, search for various services, and even purchase products, this exploitation of technology has occurred by large and even small brands, through which different concepts can be used to influence consumer behavior, such as advertising.

The most important types of good marketing.. digital marketing through social media and others..

Marketing is a set of methods and tools used to reach customers, seduce them, attract them, and satisfy them as well as maintain their loyalty.

And although marketing and communication continue to strive for the same goals as always, and although the goals are the same, the methods of achieving them have now radically changed.  It requires new skills, new knowledge and new approaches.

With the arrival of digital marketing and social media platforms applied to businesses, the size of strategies has changed in an effort to improve the organization’s presence on the Internet, which led to the development of social media that allow interaction with the public in order to know their main needs, and provide important content to build interactive communications that you benefit from for free, promote your product or service on the web.

In this sense, the development of this system of business activities has gone through three stages of development, namely, product orientation, sales orientation, and market orientation.  Its ability to work to make it possible for consumers to buy what they want to buy instead of what they want to sell at the present time.

Nowadays, thanks to technological developments and their penetration into the field of marketing, organizations have benefited from communicating directly with the customer (in the market orientation stage) by replacing traditional media with social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) and broadcasting platforms.  (Netflix, Watch, etc.) and also e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Jumia, OLX), since they are the most visited and used media by people.

“By 2019, the growth of social networks as a means of communication led to an increase in the number of Internet users, as the number of Internet users reached 4388 million users, which means that more than half of the world’s population is Internet users.”

Hence, we must realize that we must use “good marketing” for the good or service that we offer, and achieve all the elements of advertising campaigns, in order to achieve the common benefit, and what may be a useful advertising strategy for one institution may not be so for another institution, so the appropriate strategy must be chosen well.

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good marketing… specifications and characteristics

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